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Google Earth App is an amazing innovation current time. This application is just amazing because of the technology used by this application. This application is providing a live and real view of the world at the current time. Google Earth app will provide you the views in multiple ways. You can watch everything in 3-Dimension. This feature was available on the internet where you could use all the features of the google earth app. But Now the mobile app version is also available which is just amazing. That will give you live and real view. There is a number of main points that make this application supreme. Let take a look at that feature.

Services By Google Earth App:

There are the following services available on this application

  • Now you can move your mobile screen to get the 3d view using this application. That view will show more clarity to the area which you want to see. 3d view is always far better than the 2-D view. That’s why this application has a 3-D view to entertain the users.
  • This application has one more interesting feature that you can roll your dice and the app will show you some random place. That feature is just amazing.
  • When you like someplace then after that you can share those postcards with your friends. That will be helpful for them as well to take a look at your interest.
  • One more interesting feature is that this Google Earth App has an option that there is a knowledge card available here. Users can explore new places by using that knowledge card. That will increase your knowledge about the world. These two features make this application very special. People are moving towards this application because of these two major features.
  • Users can find out the place where at this time they are sitting. And this application will take them at that spot as well. After finding out the place you can explore multiple things as well.
  • There is a number of salient features available on this app. Those are the basic or necessary features that make the app unique over other apps and amazing too. These were some features of this application. Hope you got a lot about this application after reading all of its features.

Now we have a complete overview of this application after reading all of its attributes and important points. Now let’s conclude it.


Overall this application is great. You can watch anything from your place and most importantly when you zoom in to watch the building then you will be able to see that clearly without any distortion. That makes this application amazing. Tall buildings are also here in the world and users can get an amazing look at those buildings as well. Now you must want to get this application on your device. For this purpose go to the play store and search by entering Google Earth App. After that install that application on your device. Enjoy it.

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