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Hidex App Review

The Hidex app is used to hide your gallery, folders, images, videos, and many more things like that. After hiding you can hide this app as well. There are many applications that are used to hide your personal data but this Hidex app has a unique style. You can hide this app as well. There is a lock that looks like a calculator. No one can predict that this is a calculator or lock. After opening this calculator you have to enter your password. After that, it will show you the files you hide and folders as well. Overall the Hidex app is totally secure one platform. There is a number of advantages of this Hidex app that you can’t deny. Let discuss them one by one.

Advantages of the Hidex App:

we have discusses its infrastructure here. now it’s time to define its key features and those features will be quite helpful for you.

  • One of its important points is that this application is an automated application. It will detect your media files from your phone which should be hidden.
  • Its icon will look like a calculator. After open you just have to enter a password and it will show you the hided data.
  • This hidex app has a built-in private viewer, where you can view your private images or videos easily without any hurdle.
  • to visit sites and URLs this application has a private browser that will help you to explore things that you want. And this will be done without making any type of history on your device. That is the most important feature of this application. This application is getting fame because of this feature. That was all about this important feature. Hope it will be helpful for you as well.
  • You can buy its subscription to enjoy its pro versions. Where you can have multiple features in it. So if you want to get more from this hidex app then go and buy its subscription to enjoy its pro version.

Those were its important points. despite that point this application work on the basic need of the user which was demanded by every user for every application. Hidex app is working on privacy and security because this is an important part of any application. You have to satisfy your user about their privacy. if a user is satisfied then it will come again and again. let conclude this article. read till the end to get further information about it.


We have read about this application and its features. Now we will look at how to get it from the play store. You can easily get this application from the play store after that enjoy this hidex app on your device. To avail of its services open it and add your password then select your images and videos. After selecting add them to a private folder. If you want to view them then open the folder and et them. Go and enjoy this amazing application.

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