Microsoft Office App Review

Microsoft Office App is an application that provides you the Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more on a single platform. Where you can use it on a mobile device. Microsoft office is a well-known American multinational technology that produces computers, consumer electronics, software, personal computers. People use this application for documentation and many other purposes like managing something. And this is very common among the students because it is used in assignments. Many institutes want the students to submit their assignments using MS office. Now mobile Version of the Microsoft Office App is also available and it has all the features that were available on the desktop. You can make a presentation on PowerPoint and for documents, users can use Excel for many attributes. Excel is used in Datscince and data mining projects. You can make formulae on it that could benefit you.

Work Done By Microsoft Office App:

There are the following services provided by Microsoft Office App.

  • Users can make slides or presentations of any kind that will be helpful for you. students can make slides for presentations. And most importantly there is a number of features in this application. You can add images and videos to this presentation.
  • To download any type of file this application has pdf features. You can convert any ppt file to pdf and vice versa. If you have to download or read any type of book then you need the pdf of Microsoft.
  • And students nowadays need this application because this application will help them n assignment making and more things like that. If you are a student of a master’s or Ph.D. and want to do a thesis or research then you need this application too. In short, this application is a complete package for students nowadays.
  • Many mobile devices do not support any pdf or word file then they need this application to open the presentation and other documents. So if any of you have a device with less memory then this is amazing for you.
  • Microsoft Office App has all the features that are present in the desktop version of it. So you can use it on mobile devices besides desktops. Because you will have mobility and you can carry it anywhere you want.
  • There are other attributes like you do not need to buy any subscription for it. And it will not show any type of ad on it. You can easily rely on it.

These were some key points of this application besides this, it has many more amazing attributes that you can not deny. Go and get it from the play store and after that share your reviews with us as well.


That was all about this Microsoft Office App. If you are a student and work in any industry then you need this application. Hope you got many from this article. Keep visiting us for further articles like this. Now go and enjoy this application and share your reviews with us. So others could get benefit from it.

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