NASA App Review


As we know the NASA app is a great organization. And now this organization has launched its application which has all features in it. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) is an independent agency of the US which is an agency of research in space and aeronautics. This company was established in 1958. Everyone around the world knows the services of NASA. NASA is providing too much information about space which is very useful for the people of the world. That is the reason we can not deny all of its services to people. Now NASA has launched its mobile application with the name of NASA app. This application is providing all the information which was generated by this organization. Users need to know all the information about this. Let discuss the services provided by the mobile app of this organization. Hope you will get great from it.

Features OF NASA App:

There are the following features of this application

  • This application adds more than 16k images from space on daily basis.  That shows how vast this application is.
  • Users can watch NASA TV live streaming on this application, which will help them to watch all the live coverage of it.
  • You can get the latest tweets about the NASA agency from different agencies.
  • There is video content also available on this application and most amazingly those video contents are in HD Quality.
  • This application shows the news and stories about ts work on a daily basis. And that news and stories update after a few seconds. In short, you will be able to read and watch the updated content here.
  • You can listen to the third rock video here easily without any noise.
  • This application does not show any type of ad on it. Ads annoy the users and this application is good in this.
  • You can share the content from this application with others quite easily. Even they can share it on social media and will not get any type of copyright on it.
  • You can follow or add to interest the images you like and then after that you will be able to watch all the images which are similar to that. That feature is very useful because users will watch the content which they like.
  • This NASA app will provide you with live 2-D and 3-D tracking of maps where you can get the live view. You can switch from 2-D to 3-D view by just rotating the screen of your mobile device. And the 3-D view will give you a complete picture and the user will get complete knowledge about that place.

Now after reading this you must want to install this application. This amazing application is available on the play store. You can search it by entering the name NASA app. Hope features which are mentioned above will attract you. Those features are amazing and besides these features, there are many other basic features as well. Install this application and enjoy. Hope you got a lot about it.

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