Snapchat App Review

Snapchat App

Snapchat App is a camera application that is a great social application as well. On this platform, people share their moments with friends and families. It is a great application where you can share your current moments with your friends. There are a number of features like you can share your moments, you can do chats, user can make calls, video calls, and many more attributes. Let discuss them one by one.

                      (Snaps Using Snapchat App)

This application is mostly used to take snaps. There is a number of filters in it. Now this application has many filters that involve AI(Artificial Intelligence). You can add locations on your snaps. Music options are available here. from that option, you can add music as background music to your video. there are a number of stickers available here. Users can add time, sea level, temperature icon, and many more. Users can express themselves by Bitmoji and different types of lenses. A number of lenses are added to Snapchat App on a daily basis. You can guess that how vast this application is by watching that how many lenses are available on this application. That was all about these features.

                           (Chats ON Snapchat App)

This application is also providing the facility of chats. Where you can chat with your friends and there is a number of amazing features in chats of this application. You can send emojis using Bitmojis of your friend and you. It will provide you with amazing emojis that include Bitmoji of both partners. And you can make voice calls and video calls on this application. They will provide you with the best quality. One thing that is amazing here is that your chats will automatically delete after 24 hours. And if any of the users want to save the message then other friends will receive a notification of saving the message. More interesting if a friend takes a screenshot of the chat then another friend will receive the notification of taking the screenshot. That’s why it is an amazing application that everything on it is done by bot friends.

                               (What is Snapchat Streak)

Many users ask what is snap streak on this Snapchat App. It is totally unique feature in this application. In snap streaks, You have to send snaps of current moments with your friend and if you will send you to snap as well then the streak count will increase by 1. Both friends have to send the streak within 24 hours otherwise your streak count will decrease to zero. If you send more than 1 streak per day then your streak count increases by 1. In short, after one day your snap streak count will increase by 1 number and if you don’t send the streak then your streak count will come to zero. Many users have more than a 1k streak with their friends. When your streak is about to expire then Snapchat App shows an indicator to send the streak otherwise your snaps strak will end. Go and install this application.

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