Udhaar Book - Digital Khata

Udhaar Book – Digital Khata Review

Everything is moving online and people want to access all things in a single click. That’s why things like the Udhaar book are launching day by day. The Udhaar Book is the number 1 digital khata book app for you. this application has made life easier for shopkeepers and other people who need this. There are many specifications of The Udhaar book mobile application. Here we are going to discuss those specifications one by one.

Specifications of The Udhaar Book:

There are the following specifications of this amazing digital khata. which you can not deny

  • This application work as CashBook, SalaryBook, Invoice maker, and inventory manager. You can manage anything on it very easily.
  • You can share the reports of your khata with each other with just a single click. And other people will get all about your khata.
  • If someone has borrowed something from you then this application will send a message as a reminder to him with complete detail. When the person gives you that thing then this application will update the status and the confirmation message will be sent to both persons.
  • You can customize the receipt which is going to send to the person by you.
  • Even you can create invoices according to your need.

Besides these features, there are many more features in this Udhaar Book application. This application is getting updated daily and the owner is adding many things to this application on daily basis. You should use this application if you want to ease in your life. You can download this Udhaar Book application from the play store as well and you can learn how to use this application on this platform. Now discuss how to use this application.

How to Use Digital Khata:

nd This is an important attribute in this application. People have confusion in their minds regarding how to use this application. Because use this application is totally different from other applications. You can customize things as well according to you. Take a look at using this application one by one.

  1. After getting this application from the play store or from this platform you can use this application.
  2. Make a profile on it to use this application.
  3. This is a free application and open source. This application is applicable to all types of devices.
  4. First of all, add complete details of your business or attributes. And provide the basic information which will be required by the application
  5. After that, you can add all the people who have to give your things one by one. And set the alarm or message reminder of the date of return of the deal.
  6. Now this application will send a message notification as a reminder to other people. After the transaction, it will update the stats as well.
  7. Now you can use this application for your purposes. after using this application share your reviews with us. So that other upcoming users could get the benefit from it.

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